our process

It stands out in the market for the quality of the pig iron it produces through the reduction of the iron ore with charcoal. The process we use is the guarantee for a differentiated product.


Viena produces its pig iron from the reduction of iron ore with charcoal. For this, it optimizes several processes with the objective of reducing socio-environmental impact and increasing production efficiency.


The production of eucalyptus charcoal started in small beehive furnaces. The need to add value to charcoal motivated Vienna to seek new alternatives, always innovating and seeking new technologies. In September 2008, the company started its production operations in large carbonization units called rectangular furnaces. They have a capacity of between 200 m³ and 400 m³ of solid eucalyptus wood, with a production of 25,000 m³ of charcoal / month, in four unities  of 16 to 32 rectangular kilns totaling almost 100 kilns in production.

The rectangular kilns enable the production of charcoal in a modern industrial base, using machines for loading and unloading, configuring in a system in which the coal activity is economically viable, ecologically correct and socially just.


Viena adopts practices that demonstrate not only its concern for the environment, but also the high level of technology and investments in this area.

Through the internally developed sintering process, it is possible to reuse the low granulometry material from iron ore, limestone and coal. Today Vienna is able to absorb the fines itself.


Vienna has invested in its ability to generate electricity from gases emitted by blast furnaces. Today the installed capacity reaches 9.7 MWh. This initiative, in addition to generating self-sufficiency in energy, enables the sale of the surplus in the market and avoids the emission of pollutants into the atmosphere. Furthermore, the Vienna office in Belo Horizonte is 100% supplied with clean energy from solar panels.