Viena Siderúrgica S/A


The Vienatureza is a project of social and environmental responsibility developed and implemented by Viena Siderúrgica SA in 2003. It was conceived with the primary goal to promote ecological awareness and environmental education of future generations by supporting local schools, offering students contact with different environmental issues and making them aware of the importance of preservation of the natural resources.

The project Vienatureza covers an area of 1,000 hectares of natural vegetation, properly preserved, and is situated 20 km from Pequiá, Açailândia’s industrial district where Viena is located. The project develops educational and recreational activities where students attend classes focused on the environment and its preservation. These activities lead to the integration of children with nature besides offering a path through the forest and a playground.

In this area there are several species of native trees for example: copaiba, cafe bravo, inhaíba, inga, sapucaia etc. and various wild animals cutia, sloth, macaw, deer, boa, ocelot, among others.

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