Viena Siderúrgica S/A


Viena Siderúrgica SA, aware of its social responsibility to improve the quality of life of the people in the communities where it operates, in partnership with AlfaSol-Literacy Program, ILO-International Labor Organization, and the Municipal Department of Education of Açailândia created and implemented Viena Educar.

Viena Educar is a social and educational program designed to teach adults how to read and write using such issues as citizens' rights and the fight against slave labor. These students become peer educators using their knowledge to avoid future exploitation and providing social reintegration of workers.

Literacy course:
Begin : October 2007
Classes : 3
Total: 808 conclusive - More than 80% entered the EJA (education for youth and adults)

Computer course:
Begin: October 2007
Classes : 10
Total: 331 conclusive


The following projects are part of Viena Educar:

  • Project Eyesight: Deficiencies are diagnosed by visual examination, and donations of eyeglasses to learners are made, facilitating the learning process.
  • Nutritional Meals Project: It provides lunches to all learners, meeting the nutritional recommendations through balanced menus, which allows them to consume and become aware of the importance of eating properly and healthily.
  • Computer Project: Offering classes in Windows, Word, Excel, PowerPoint and Internet browsing, opening the doors of information and knowledge to students. The above process integrates them with the global computer network, thus entering the digital world.
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