Viena Siderúrgica S/A


The physical and chemical characteristics of Viena's pig iron make it the best source of virgin iron units for the electric arc furnace as follows:

Energy: The high level of carbon (4%), which is incorporated in the bath, promotes a significant reduction in energy consumption.

Shape: The size of the ingot, weighing about 3.5 kilos, makes it easy to handle, thus reducing the costs of storage, unloading and transport.

Density: The high specific density of 3.5 tons / m³ facilitates the loading of the furnace, compressing the lighter scrap and increasing productivity.

Pureness: The high iron content of 94-95%, with no gangue or other impurities, combined with low levels of sulfur and phosphorus, characterize the pig iron from Viena.

In addition to a pig iron of high quality, Viena ensures surety and reliability of supply.

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