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Andrade Valladares Ltda

1.0 - Andrade Valladares is: tradition, experience, growth and innovation;

2.0 - Since its founding in 1967, Andrade Valladares Engineering and Construction, has been building part of Brazil;

3.0 – Andrade Valladares has reached the mark of more than 40,000 apartments and houses, as well as schools, health clinics, roads, bridges, public buildings, shops, low-income restaurants, prisons, rehabilitation centers, hospitals and industrial constructions, serving public and private clients, making up more than 3 million square meters of constructed area;

4.0 - The image of a strong and efficient company, built up over 45 years, lives up to the constant investment in planning, control, technology with a highly qualified team to manage Andrade Valladares work and business expansion;

5.0 - The ISO 9001, Qualihab A PBQP PMQP-H and-H, show the company's motivation for continuous improvement. This shows Andrade Valladares contribution to the technical and social development of the country, consolidating its position as part of one of the major national business groups;

6.0 - Andrade Valladares, 45 years building values.

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